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Lotion P50 Capillaire gently purifies and regulates sebaceous secretions from the scalp while making the capillary fiber more resistant.


Formulated to address specific concerns, these masks will strengthen the scalp and the hair shafts to prepare them for the treatments in the Treatment Stage.


These shampoos gently wash and cleanse the different Scalp Instants, according to their specific needs. All Biologique Recherche shampoos use only plant-based washing mediums, which are very gentle. None of them contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, so they’re suitable for frequent use with no risk of harming the scalp.


Biologique Recherche balms and creams are all silicone-free, repairing the outer cuticles on the hair shafts for smoother and more lustrous hair.

Treatment Serums

Biologique Recherche has developed a range of serums that deliver comprehensive and intensive benefits for visible results. They’re formulated with raw ingredients and designed to effectively tackle specific hair concerns like hair loss (alopecia), or to treat hyper-seborrhea.

Finishing Serums

Finishing serums are the crowning touch to the treatment, protecting capillary fibers and strengthening the hair shaft. Fortified and protected from everyday environmental damage in this way, the hair is shinier and more lustrous.

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