Program Slimming Body


Slimming Anti-cellulite Firming

Product description

The P50 Body Lotion purifies, tones and rebalances the acidity of the skin through a gentle exfoliation while Lipogen AC reduce the appearance of cellulite and Liposculpt AC cream refines the figure and reduces the appearance of cellulite. A set of products that helps make the skin firmer and facilitate the elimination of fatty deposits and water stored in the tissues. Unsightly pits are eliminated, for a smoother figure.

Direction for use

Apply the P50 Body lotion followed by the serum Lipogen AC in the morning and evening onto the areas to be treated using upward movements, then work in the cream using the body massage glove. Finish by applying the Liposculpt AC cream by making upward movements using the body massage glove.


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