Cocktail d'Actifs Régénérants


High Cellular Regernation Revitalizing Energizing (concentrated with 56 actives)

Product description

The Cocktail d'Actifs Régénérants is a concentrate of 56 regenerating, revitalizing, stimulating and energizing active ingredients derived from the most advanced biotechnology to bring results even on the most devitalized and deficient Skin Instants.

Direction for use

Apply ½ vial to the face, neck and décolleté and repeat the following day. Once opened, each vial must be used within 48 hours. After opening, the products must be stored in the refrigerator at 4°C. Avoid the area around the eyes.


5 Peptides, 13 Vitamins, 24 Amino Acids, 7 Types of Minerals.


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