DC 65

DC 65 (pH Zinc) is a synergistic zinc and copper formula in their highly absorbable citrate form.


Each plant based capsule supplies :

Zinc (citrate) 30 mg

Copper (citrate) 1 mg

Capsule : Vegetable gelatin and water.


Zinc, one of the body’s most important trace-elements, is involved in over 300 enzymes in the body. 

It is involved in the formation of the skin as well as in immunity. This trace-mineral has demonstrated antiviral effects whilst also aiding in the repair of tissues.

Essential for fertility in women as well as men, zinc is also necessary for the health of the pancreas as well as that of the prostate and thyroid. 

Copper has been added to this formula for two reasons. Firstly, copper and Zinc are cofactors on the production of the important superoxyde dysmutase enzyme. Secondly, the added copper eliminates the risk that zinc might cause a deficiency in copper.   




Benign prostatic hypertrophy(prévention)

Cold and flu




Loss of the sense of taste or smell

Slow wound healing

*Zinc’s effects on immunity are accrued when used along with vitamin C (DC39).

Warning / notes

Do not take on an empty stomach. Ideally, take this supplement towards the end of a or immediately after a meal.

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