DC 39

60 capsules

DC39 (pH-C). Vitamin C in the form of magnesium ascorbate is non-acidic, more easily absorbed, and eliminates the risk of digestive problems.


Each vegetarian capsule contains:

Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbate) 1,000 mg

Capsule shell: Vegetarian gelatine and water.


Vitamin C is the most deficient vitamin in the North American diet.

This vitamin, which is a hormone in most animals, but not in humans, contributes to the synthesis of connective tissue (collagen) and hormones, as well as to wound healing. It is also important for immunity and adaptation to stress. In addition, it is one of the enzymes required for normal cholesterol metabolism and elimination.

A powerful antioxidant, several researchers suggest that it also plays an important role in cancer prevention.

In order to prevent the gastrointestinal problems often associated with taking ascorbic acid (ordinary vitamin C), the vitamin C used in this formula is magnesium ascorbate, a non-acidic form of vitamin C.

As a precursor of collagen, vitamin C plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy skin as well as in repairing damaged skin as well.




Bleeding gums.


Frequent infections.

Cardiovascular disease.


Repair of damaged skin and general improvement to skin condition.


Warning / Notes

As a preventive measure, pregnant women should avoid taking high doses of vitamin C (over 2,000 mg per day), as it can cause miscarriage in rare cases.


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