Immune Strengthening Program

The objective of this Immune Strengthening Program is to offer support to those who wish to increase their immune capacity, in order to fight cold or influenza, particularly during the fall and winter periods.

This program was developed by our clinical director,  Daniel Crisafi N.D.A., M.H., PhD, and consists in the use of three natural products.

Here are a few dietary suggestions that can help you support your immune capacity.


Be careful consuming simple sugars (fruit juices, molasses, honey, maple syrup, white or brown sugar) because these substances can lower the immune system. If you tend to have more respiratory mucosa, be careful consuming dairy products, certainly milk.


Avoid all dairy products (butter, cream, ice cream, cheese, milk, yogurt) as well as simple sugars (fruit juices, molasses, honey, maple syrup, white or brown sugar). During this period also avoid consuming any fruits (both fresh or frozen).

Recommendations of the use of those natural products for this program will be given to you when purchased.

The promotion of our A.G.E. until November 10 is applicable only when purchased individually.

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