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Skin Instants© Affected by Cutaneous Aging

Each individual’s genetic heritage expresses itself differently over the course of a lifetime, since gene expression is modified by various external factors (pollution, stress, etc.) and one’s lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.).

Unlike mutations, which affect the DNA sequence, epigenetic modi cations (based on the study of gene activity) are reversible.

In 2017, the Gene Expression Laboratory in San Diego made a major discovery in the area of cellular reprogramming: not only does the latter block aging, but it also rejuvenates cells and reverses DNA damage.

Epigenetic discoveries show that it is now possible to repair negative traits within cells and counter cutaneous aging.

Biologique Recherche's Solution

For the very  rst time, Biologique Recherche has identi ed and selected EpigenActiv©, a peptide that acts on EGF (or epidermal growth factor) receptors, which are essential to regenerate tissues and recycle degraded proteins. It acts on the cutaneous aging process to promote genuine cellular regeneration. This discovery gave rise to La Grande Crème.

La Grande Crème is Biologique Recherche’s new innovation for skin affected by cutaneous aging. It promotes regeneration to renew strength and epidermal restructuring. The cutaneous barrier is thus restored. This revolutionary cream tackles all age-related phenomena, for a facial treatment that is both complete and effective.


  • Regenerating: genuine cellular revival
  • Structuring and volumizing: combats sagging facial skin and provides a lifting effect
  • Firming: improves the skin’s biomechanical properties
  • Anti-wrinkle: diminishes the size and depth of wrinkles
  • Anti-spot: diminishes pigmentation irregularities
  • Protective: improves the quality of the skin barrier


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