Daniel Crisafi

Daniel Crisafi is the Clinical director of pH Santé Beauté since 2003. He holds a Master’s in science as well as a PhD (doctorate) in nutrition (nutritional biochemistry). He also holds a naturopathic diploma and naturopathic doctorate, a Master herbalist degree as well as a Certificate in homotoxicology.

Mr. Crisafi has authored and co-authored several publications, including Candida Albicans, Les Superaliments and Syndrome S - How to avoid, manage and reverse the negative health effects of stress.  Former editor-in-chief of Vitalité Québec and Health’n Vitality, Daniel has more than thirty years of clinical experience. 

He is a member of the Association des Naturopathes agréés du Québec and the American College of Sports Medicine and a co-founder of ÉESNQ (l’École d’Enseignement Supérieur de Naturopathie du Québec).  Mr. Crisafi was recognized for his humanitarian work in health promotion by the Canadian Natural Health Society. He was also inducted into the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) Hall of Fame.

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