pH Detox Nature’s Cleanse

The pH Detox Nature’s Cleanse includes its 4 herbal support formulas, and receive our complete dietary program.

Scientists have coined the term "xenobiotiques" to refer to chemical substances to which we are regularly exposed. Un significant number of studies have highlighted that these substances affect different parts of the body in various ways.

These xenobiotiques could be an important factor in the development of various chronic disorders such as fatigue, inflammatory, cognitive and digestive conditions, allergies and problems with managing body weight. A large number of xenobiotiques have demonstrated estrogen-like activity. They may therefore also play a role in estrogen-based diseases. 

pH Santé Beauté’s detox program an effective way of reducing the body’s xenobiotiques load. The three herbal tinctures help to detoxify whilst also supporting the body’s organs of elimination, the liver (DC26) and the kidneys (DC13) as well as the lymphatic system (Lymphea Tonik) an indispensable ally in eliminating fat. The fibre formula (DC36) improves intestinal transit, thereby ensuring optimal elimination. The program includes a twin-week diet plan that is at once both simple and effective.

You need more vitality and regeneration? Add our protein formula DC42.

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