Emulsion Mains PIGM 400


Brightening Hydrating Relipidifying

Product description

Multi-benefit treatment, Emulsion Mains PIGM 400 helps to overcome the imbalances of dehydratedand pigmented hands. Penetrating rapidly into the skin without leaving a greasy film, it visibly reduces the pigmentary spots. Thinning and perfectly hydrated, the hands find youth, suppleness and radiance.  

  • Reduces the appearance of existing age spots and limits the appearance of new irregularities
  • Unifies, reduces irregularity issues and illuminates the skin tone
  • Regenerates, restructures and reconditions the epidermis
  • Protectsand provides a feeling of comfort by moisturizing the outer layers of the epidermis.

Direction for use

On a clean and dry skin, apply a small quantity all over the hands. Gently massage concentrating on pigmentary spots. Use as often as needed.


Extract of young shoots of Watercress and pure Genistein derived from soybeans, Complex made from Hyaluronic Acid and Rhizobium, Cotton Oil, Pichia Anomala Extract, Avocado Oil, Rosemary Oil Extract, Filmogenic Polysaccharide


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