Achieve the optimal blossoming of your physical health and beauty.


An integrated and causal approach to increase your vitality.

We look past what is superficial and symptomatic to discover and relieve the true causes of your health problems. 


Our expertise, at the intersection of health and beauty.

Over thirty years of expertise in the fields of biochemistry, aesthetics, nutrition, exercise physiology, and herbology ensure a global approach for optimal results.

Having access to Suzie’s care is without a doubt amongst the best decisions that I have taken in my life.
Salomé Villeneuve
pH Santé Beauté is not just a beauty centre, it’s a life-changing health centre and the perk is beautiful glowing skin.
Laura Frattasi
I am so grateful to have found pH Santé Beauté and wish the entire team continued growth and success.
Zsofia Lukacs
The expertise, devotion and humanity combined in one place are so precious and without equal.
Myriam R.
Dr. Crisafi is an outstanding dedicated naturopath. I highly recommend his services, they are worth his honorarium.
Maria Salvati
From the moment you go in, you fill surrounded with love, respect and professionalism. Thank you for being in my life.
Stéphane Mayer
You'll be amazed at how quickly you’ll see results with their high-performance products. I recommend this place - the best kept secret in North America.
Elizabeth Beaumont
I walked into pH Santé Beauté looking for a solution to a long-term skin problem, and I walked out with the solution and a family. Thank you!
Filipa Pajevic
At pH Santé Beauté, I finally found a complete, dedicated and highly-competent team for everything related to my well-being.
Marie Mathieu
I'm so glad I found Suzie, Dr. Crisafi and the whole team. They are not going to get rid of me any time soon!
Odile Giraud
Thanks to their wide ranging expertise, my health and that of my entire family is better. Thanks to all the team at pH Santé Beauté.
Anick Dubois

The quality of care and compassion of Suzie, Dr. Crisafi and their team are second to none.

Jorge Médina
Before pH Santé Beauté, I had lost all hope of resolving my acne issues….. I now have clear skin and my acne has essentially disappeared. ...No “Thank you” will be enough to express my gratitude to have helped with my skin problems that had been affecting my confidence for over ten years.
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