Over the course of her life, a woman’s hormones fluctuate. From adolescence to menopause through procreation, the body produces and the body endures. Add to that external disruptions caused by contraceptives, stress or different diets. Your skin acts as a reflection, expressing your internal anomalies. Zits, stretch marks, premenstrual syndromes, all hormonal causes can be regulated or appeased as early as the first treatment. Don’t shy away from your neckline and the contour of your bust. A deep treatment is a global treatment.

Program Bust and Body
1 ensemble / 1 kit
Program Bust and Body with Endo Special +
1 ensemble / 1 kit
Anti Stries
125 ml
Endo Spécial +
20 ml
Macro 2000
90 ml
200 ml
50 ml
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