Program Bust and Body with Endo Special +

Regenerates the tissues of the bust, improves their resistance and elasticity. 

This kit includes the Seino bust toning lotion, the Endo Special + bust cell booster and the Macro 2000 bust balancing cream.

The Seino lotion tones, firms and allows better penetration of specific bust products. The Endo Special + lotion stimulates bust cells for tissue regeneration, improving their resistance and their elasticity. The Macro 2000 cream reinforces the bust’s support fibers while stimulating metabolism, cellular respiration, and biosynthesis of collagen and fibronectin.

Direction for use

Apply daily to the bust or areas of the body to be treated, with circular movements, the Seino lotion followed by the Endo Special + lotion and finish with the Macro 2000 cream.

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